The Winnie Chronicles 2014-2015

Sept 19

So we have a new neighbor. Turns out they have a daughter that is quite cute and is one grade above munchkin. He was quite eager to take over the cookies I made to personally welcome them to the neighborhood and then invited her to see his room…I’m kinda feelin’ a Winnie Cooper vibe goin’ on here if you know what I’m sayin’.

IMG_0328Sept 23

Winnie Cooper Update:
Munchkin: It’s like I can’t even wait to go to the bus stop.
Me: Really? That wouldn’t have anything to do with the new company at the bus stop would it?
Munchkin: Mom,she is so cool, she doesn’t even like girl stuff, it’s so weird.
Me: What is “girl stuff”?
Munchkin: I dunno most girls cover their phones in purple and pink and glitter…do you know what she has on her phone?
Me: No, what?
Munchkin: Minecraft! How cool is that! She’s pretty, she’s smart AND she plays video games, I didn’t know girls like that existed!

Sept 24

Winnie Cooper installment #4: A Modern Day Shakespearean Tale. (On our balcony) “Oh Juliet, Juliet, wherefore, art thou Juliet.”balcony

Sept 25

Another Winnie Cooper Update:

So, it’s raining here in the district. Headed to the bus stop, munchkin took two of his old umbrellas, a Superman one for him and a Batman one for Winnie. It took everything in me not to hide behind the bushes and snap a picture, it was too freaking adorable. Cynthia Ramos Cisneros I was thinking of the photo you snapped from behind the bushes of your high schooler on his first day of school!

IMG_0385Oct 4

The Winnie Cooper Story continues with one round of video game playing, one round of bike riding, and dinner at the Coopers! … Of course mom’s stalking continues…is it wrong that I am enjoying this so much?IMG_0384

Oct 21

And for your Halloween episode of the Winnie Cooper Chronicles…
Rob: (laying garbage bag on kitchen floor) Okay, buddy, are you ready to carve your pumpkin?
Munchkin: Uh, why don’t we carve them on the deck, Dad
Rob: Uh, okay.
Munchkin: (carrying pumpkin and feigning surprise as to who is out on her deck) Oh, hi!

Oct 24

Kevin Arnold quote of the day:

Me: How was your day?

Munchkin: I’m just saying, if a girl asks you to watch scary movie YouTube video clips with her, you should always say yes. That is the easiest way to get her to hold your hand when she gets scared.

Winnie Cooper

Oct 28

So yesterday I joked that all the windows were down because I almost burned the house down (I mean there actually was a little mishap, but that is a story for another day)…to which munchkin replied, “That’s not even funny! If you burned down the house, then we would have to move and we would get NEW neighbors!”

So glad my kid has his priorities straight. Sigh.

Nov 18

An “almost” Winnie Catastrophe!

Munchkin came home on Friday with the most despondent look on his face.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” as he shrugged his book bag and coat off onto the floor (in front of the coat rack, I might add)

“Really? Because you look like your pet just died.”

“She sat with someone else.”

“Who did?” Come on mom! As if anyone else in the world even matters to this guy.

“I gave her this look as I was passing her sitting with him and all she said was, ‘I’m sorry,’ so I went and sat by myself. Then, when the bus stopped, I just walked straight off the bus and didn’t even wait for her.”

Ouch. Man, a woman’s scorn doesn’t come close to THIS kid!

So all weekend, we had the hypothetical questions being thrown around, “What would you do?” “Why would she do that?” “Do you think she’s mad at me?” along with the sulking and the constant checking of the phone.

And then Sunday happened. The phone rings! Alleluia, the phone rings. A quick trip to the balcony and happiness is restored. “So, she sat by him because I was late to the bus!! She thought I wasn’t riding! She invited me over! Everything is fine! Can I go over?”

And today it’s back to packing the mad libs and trivia books into the book bag to do on the bus together (thanks Uncle Matt) All is right in the world again.

Dec 18

So there’s been a lot happening in my family, so forgive me for my lack of Winnie Cooper updates, but today was monumental.

I was reviewing his day as we always do. How did the Science test go? What homework do you have? Did anything remarkable happen today? (Which believe it or not is a routine question I ask) It took me a moment to realize, despite the fact that munchkin was answering, he wasn’t quite “all there.”

“So I just did it.”
“You did what.”
“I told her.”
“You told who, what?”
“I told [Winnie] that I liked her.”
“Whoa! You like [Winnie]?”
“Very funny mom.”
“Well what did she say?”
“I’m not sure.”
“What do you mean, you’re not sure?”
“She said, that she had a feeling and then she asked if it would be okay if she told her mom? I told her that I’m pretty sure her mom already knows. Do you think that’s a good thing?”
“Hmm, I don’t know, what do you think?”
“Not sure…I’m just relieved to have told her.”

So this weekend’s dinner with the “Coopers” will either be incredibly awkward or will be the best holiday ever for one munchkin.

Dec 29

And just like your favorite tv shows, we took a winter hiatus, but the Winnie Cooper Chronicles are back!

Before break, munchkin updated us with his conversation with Winnie after his big reveal. “She said, ‘I like you, and obviously we are more than friends, but I’m not really ready to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Can we still hang out and stuff?’ ”

“And how do you feel about that?”

“Didn’t you hear me? She said, “Obviously, we’re more than friends!”

Sounds like both of us were content with Winnie’s answer.

Fast forward to last night…

Munchkin had a very special Pokemon stuffed animal and card set delivered to Winnie’s house directly since we wouldn’t be here for Christmas. Last night, he was invited to go hang out and for dinner.

When he came home he was carrying a gift box. “What’s in the box?”

“Oh, just my present from [Winnie].”

“So what did she get you?”

“It’s weird, they’re just clothes, they aren’t themed or anything, they aren’t related to me in any way shape or form. I don’t know what to think!”

“Well, they seem nice. What did she think of your gift that you gave her?”

“Oh, she looooved it!”

“Really, how do you know?”

“She screamed, ‘I loooove it, thank you!’ and then she hugged me for at least ten Mississippis!”

valentines dayFeb 9

What a fun little surprise package from our friends in Japan! ThanksVanessa Alaniz Lee Japanese Pokemon cards should help munchkin ensure he rocks Winnie’s Valentines Day this year!

Feb 17

Who knows? It may just be a cliff hanger to this season, but Valentines Day turned out to be a little bit of a heartbreak from one Winnie Cooper. You would have never known it from the first two days of the weekend with exchanges of sweets and Pokemon cards and over an hour on the phone (a first). But last night after spending the evening at the neighbors, he came home with “Girls Suck!” Looks like she’s really starting to focus on high school plans. We’ll see what happens next season. Hard to see the munchkin so bummed.

Mar 26

The Winnie Chronicles return!

Conversation last night:
“So where’s munchkin?”
“He went for a walk with [Winnie].”
Enter Munchkin.
“So how was your walk?”
“Good, really good. We talked about how nervous we were thinking about kissing someone for the first time.”
Exit munchkin.

Soooo, that was interesting.

June 11

The Winnie Cooper Roller Coaster

Munchkin called me from the bus in the morning to let me know he got on the bus safely:

“Mom, I’m on the bus.” (Sounding down)

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, I think [Winnie’s] mad at me.”

“Why do you think that?”

“She’s acting weird and she’s not really talking to me.”

“Why don’t you ask her what’s wrong?”

“Yeah, maybe I will.”

“Are you still staying to see her choir concert after school.”

“I don’t know. I’ll let you know.”

Voicemail left on my phone: “Mom, I don’t know what’s going on, she’s mad at me but I don’t know why and so I’m not staying after school.”

Voicemail left 1 hour later:
“Mom, I think things are okay, I changed my mind, I’m staying after school and will ride the late bus.”

Munchkin comes home on the late bus:
“So how was the concert?”

“It was fine. I just don’t get girls! So, [Winnie] and I got to an argument about gay rights yesterday so I thought that’s what she was mad about, but she said she wasn’t mad about that, it was something else but she didn’t want to talk about it. So she’s okay now. (Heavy sigh) I just don’t get her! What is wrong with your kind?!”

Rob: Buddy, you’ll be trying to figure that out your whole life.”

June 13

Munchkin: “So Ms. [Cooper] (Winnie’s mom) stopped me on my way into the house today and asked if everything was alright, because it seemed like [Winnie] had been a little moody lately. …Ha! You don’t know the half of it sister!”

“You didn’t say that did you?!”

“Of course not, I just said, ‘Yeah, I’ve noticed’ but I didn’t know why, but I wanted to say that!”


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