First Day of School in Italy

So talk about a “kid of a different color”!  When I went to go pick up my munchkin from school, I nervously waited outside of the school waiting to be reunited with the sobbing child I had left just hours prior.  Then, I spotted her– Pam Eisele (we’ll just call her Poison Ivy) followed by her class coming out of the building and there was my bright eyed, smiling munchkin. 

“How was your day?”

“Oh it was great!  This is the best school ever!  I made a friend, her name is Grace.  She’s better than she looks though.”

“Better than she looks, what does that mean?”

“Well you now, how we talked about how some girls are beautiful but they aren’t that intelligent, and some are really smart but they don’t look that good?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Well she isn’t that beautiful but she is really intelligent, she’s like at my level and has the same kind of comedy as I do.”

“What is your kind of comedy?”

“You know, she thinks the same things are funny.”

“Oh, you mean your sense of humor?”

“Yeah.  My sense of humor.  I really like her, she is so nice and helpful.  And I made another friend Tyler.  And in Math, they are just starting fractions and I already know about fractions!  I love my math teacher and we’re learning Spanish.  I can’t wait to go back, I wish I could go again today.”

So here is this kid who several hours earlier thought his world was coming to an end who now wants to go to school twice in one day.  Needless to say, he’s feeling better about life in Italy.


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